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The Cantonese Project

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The Cantonese Project , created and facilitated by Dr. Christine TN Wong, creates a supportive space for learning Cantonese and exploring Chinese culture. Come join the Cantonese Project to learn from daily conversation, public speaking, study of classics, formal writing to whatever aspect related with Cantonese!

With the vision that language is a means to understand people, communicate with people and build harmony with people, the Cantonese Project is an ongoing project with missions ...

  • to provide high quality Cantonese language instruction and cultural programs;
  • to raise a sense of belonging and connection with cultural heritage;
  • to empower individual learners to make a difference in their own lives; and
  • to embrace today’s diverse communities.

The Cantonese Project...

  • creates a supportive space for learning Cantonese and exploring Chinese culture;
  • tailor-makes unique THEME-BASED classes for small groups and one-on-one; and
  • offers flexible PASS package to fit the modern lifestyle of learning.

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  • Flexible hours meeting student's individual needs, objectives and schedules
  • Professionally designed curriculum with custom-made learning materials
  • Working on pronunciation, conversation, grammar, sentence structure, reading and writing

Testimonials from Students

>>> Rebeca Lau (September, 2015)

Advanced Cantonese & Chinese Culture staff @ University of British Columbia

"Teacher Christine has been instrumental in the learning and improvement of my Cantonese verbal, writing, and reading abilities. Christine has also taught me about Chinese culture, traditions, history, and continues to pique my interest and my passion in the rich and multifaceted world of China and what means to be Chinese. More importantly, Christine is a true teacher and mentor using different tools and approaches to ensure classes are interesting, inspiring, fun, and educational at the same time; she adapts to my way of learning, and she motivates and encourages me to be curious and continue growing. As an adult learner, Christine is very flexible and has a wide repertoire of knowledge and teaching methods, and she is in tune to what I would like to learn, to what I need to improve, and how I can achieve all these. She is truly an innovator always coming up with ideas and ways of reaching out to the student in me by combining new technology with conventional approaches. I would have no other teacher! I feel very fortunate to be one of Christine's students!"

>>> Pegasus (November, 2014) IT professional

Chinese Classics - The Thousand Character Essay 千字文

"Christine was very effective at keeping me interested in learning Cantonese with her enthusiasm, anecdotes and interesting homework. She has the highest Cantonese language ability of any teacher I have met, and was able to teach me the meaning of a poem written in old Chinese. Along the way, I learned many basic Cantonese spoken and written terms, and I enjoyed every one of my lessons. She has a good attitude and taught me some ethics, too. Very professional, organized and prepared."

>>> Jordan Lam (July, 2014) student @ University of British Columbia

Advanced Cantonese & Chinese Culture

"Christine was a very effective teacher. Great communication skills with ample experience in teaching Cantonese. Very pleasant, nice, and passionate. "

>>> Cici Wang (June, 2014) master's student @ University of British Columbia

Cantonese Conversation for Mandarin Speakers

"Christine is an excellent teacher with abundant experience, professional teaching technique, and very friendly personality. She teaches in various ways, which makes her class very interesting and easy to understand. Christine is always very patient and give enough encouragement, which makes me feel more and more interested in learning Cantonese. I made great progress with her help, which even surprises my friends a lot!"